Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Late!

Poor Austin! We forgot to blog him around his
birthday!! It seems like after the first baby,
every one that follows just seems to get left
out! But although we forgot to blog him,
you definitely can't ignore Austin!

He is the sweetest little guy! He is a non-stop
ball of energy and is basically a bull in a
China shop. He's completely adorable and has
the bluest eyes you will ever see! UMMMM wonder
where he got that!?!

We love you Austin!! Happy SUPER late 2nd Birthday!

Spring Break? What's that?!

We have been OVERWHELMED with business
the past couple weeks and we are LOVING it!
We have been so busy in fact, that I
haven't had much time at all to catch
everyone up with some post-peeks of
our recent clients! And although there
isn't a pic of this on the blog, we
also had a TON of kids show up for
our 1st Annual Easter Shoot!
Everyone did great!!! There were very
few meltdowns and everyone seemed to
have a GREAT time!!

Not only have we been busy with our clients,
we've also been busy attending photography
seminars, so that we can soak up new
knowledge that we can put to work in
your photos!

So now that spring is here, we only expect
to get busier!! YAY!