Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alfred Wedding

Kristen and Matt are a BEAUTIFUL couple
and they have the coolest story ever!
They lived beside each other practically
their whole lives and never dated until
after high school! Now look at them...

They had a gorgeous wedding and Kristen
was a GORGEOUS bride. She was completely
organized (the way we like it lol) and she
was totally at ease the whole day.
If she was nervous, she definitely wasn't
going to show it!

The guys were so much fun! They were
easy going and full of fun ideas for
their group shots. I can't believe how
many pics we got from this wedding. There
were almost 500 edited pics! They have so
many pics to choose from!

I can't wait to see which ones they choose!
But here are some of my favs!
Enjoy their sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thorn Wedding

We have the nicest brides & grooms!
Everyone has been soooo nice and appreciative
this wedding season! We LOVE that! It makes our
jobs soooo much easier! And it makes the pictures
we shoot even more amazing!

The bride - Katie and her dad arrived in their
own personal horse drawn wagon. How cool is that?!
And then the bride and groom - Drew gained some extra
horsepower as they left the ceremony site and rode a
couple hundred yards away to the reception in a
Corvette convertible.

This wedding really had some cool perks!
Katie and Drew's wedding cake really topped the
evening off! It was the perfect wedding cake for their
country themed wedding! Its design was so good that
Angie and Crystal (who helped since I am stuck at home
to do nothing but edit, blog and take pics of my friends
babies, lol) didn't even know it was the wedding cake!
They took pics of this, but didn't know that it was the
cake for the longest time!
Super cool!

****Thanks Crystal for being Angie's tag-a-long!
We BOTH appreciated it VERY much!!!*****

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Davis Wedding

I didn't have the privilege of shooting this wedding,
so Angie grabbed our photog friend Allie and dragged her
along! She was such a big help! Her pics really complimented
the style we strive for!

The bride and groom are the nicest people ever! They are
so appreciative of everything and they really had a good time
throughout the entire wedding!

A huge storm was on its way prior to the wedding, but it gave Angie
and Allie the coolest shot with a RAINBOW!!!

Even though this organized teacher had everything planned to a T,
the rain got in the way! Angie said it rained harder than she had ever
seen just 5 minutes before the wedding!
But the bride and groom just went with the flow!
They were soooo easy going!

The ring bearer was such a ham. He acted like he didn't
want his pictures taken... but as you can tell... he
definitely didn't mind at all!

Since the bride and groom saw each other before they had a ton of
photos together and their transition from wedding to reception
went soooo smooth! The guests weren't kept waiting and the stress
level was nonexistent!

We wish these newlyweds all the best! They were GREAT!

Enjoy their sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

Welcome Addyson Elaine!

Meet little Addyson!
She is the tiniest full term baby I have seen
in a while and I am in love with her blonde hair!

Chad and Andrea have waited a long time for this
little girl and they couldn't be prouder of their
newest addition!

Natalie went with me to visit her newest little
cousin and she was in LOVE! She held Addyson
forever and played with all her little parts.

Now all she talks about is her baby sister
and when she will be here! She's sooo excited!

Enjoy a sneak peek from the pictures we took
during our hospital visit with them!

Tabi & Angie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I think we have shot more newborn babies this
summer than we have anything else!

Here's our newest addition to the newborn
archives... CARSON!

He is sooo teeny tiny! We did this shoot at
his home in Spencer. We love when the shoot
is this's our FAV!

We also tried to shoot a couple pics with his
sister, Emily and then some of her by herself,
but boy is she a runner! Angie really got a work
out chasing her around the backyard!

Enjoy their sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

Saturday, September 5, 2009

2 Cuties at Once!

Since I'm supposed to be on bedrest...
we doubled up my bestest friends' babies
so that it would be a little easier for everyone!

We attempted to take Drew's pics; however, she
seems to get hurt anytime she's getting her
pics taken. So needless to say we got about 10 shots
in and a huge, freaky looking bug landed just beneath
her eye and apparently bit her because her eye
swelled instantly!!! But she was a trooper! She
didn't cry or anything! She smiled through the swelling!
Hopefully we can get her out again before I kill over and
get a few more of her! She's so stinkin' cute!

Jayse on the other hand didn't get bit, lol, but was
a little handful! He hated, I mean HATED the tires, so
luckily we had the tractor on standby... and he LOVED it!
Although he probably didn't get as many as his Mommy would
have liked... they are still pretty stinkin' cute!

Enjoy their sneak peeks!
They are just too adorable for words!

Tabi & Angie