Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reed-Sprouse Wedding

A small wedding with a lot of love!

We first met Randi and Johnathon at one of our weddings last year
and we were so excited to have them as clients this year!
Can't believe how fast time flies!

They were so sweet and down to earth!

With this April wedding, our hectic wedding season has officially begun!
Keep watching the blog for more and more sneak peeks of weddings!

Let the chaos begin!

Tabi & Angie


Little Wyatt is a heart-breaker in training!
He is soooo adorable!!!

He had his moments, but overall did such a great job!
That smile is gonna get him whatever he wants with his Momma!

Jen, his Mommy, did this crazy quacking noise that Wyatt
loved... just wish she would have broke it out sooner!

We will definitely remember that trick for next time!

Enjoy this cutie patootie!

Tabi & Angie

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

I'm so glad it didn't rain!
This couple had already been rescheduled once due to rain,
and it looked like this day wasn't going to be an exception.
The weatherman forecasted rain for this day ALL week!

But no one wanted to reschedule... so we just prayed for sun!
Donte' is a minister... and even he said the Holy Spirit was
telling him the sun was going to shine and sure enough...



Christina & Donte' were a joy to work with and they are sooo
in love. They also have an awesome story too about reconnection...
so if you ever bump into these two.... you should hear their
testimonies.... I promise it will touch your heart!

Here's their sneak peek.... LOVE THEM!

Tabi & Angie

Monday, April 20, 2009


Cutie Jenifer!

Angie shot this gorgeous senior and got some cute cute cute shots of her!
I'm so jealous! :)

We shot her BFF Cassie just a few weeks ago... or to you bloggers.... a couple blogs down, lol. I'm sure Cassie is a tough one to edit... there looks like there are sooo many good ones!

During her shoot... some local boys even whistled at her!
Don't really know how Mom felt about that... but I'm sure
Jenifer appreciated the flattery!

Oh and lastly... I hear her mom was one heck of a reflector holder!
What would we do without great moms who
know how to angle that reflector just right?! :)

Enjoy Jenifer's sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

Little Diva

Look at this little Diva!
Reghan is such a cutie and was sooo much fun to shoot!

With little ones.... getting them to smile is usually the hardest
part, but not with this girl! We had the hardest
time getting her to stay on the backdrop!

She is full of energy and has the biggest personality!

We can't wait to shoot her outdoors where she can run the entire shoot!

Enjoy her sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

A Senior GUY!

Alright... I admit it...
Senior guys are my FAVORITE to shoot!
Probably because I have brothers and don't mind
making them get into the poses... whether they want to or not, lol.

Thomas is an all around GREAT guy!
And he plays my favorite sport... BASEBALL!

Even though he wasn't into the whole senior picture thing,
he let us snap away and did everything we asked!

Here's a sneak peek from his set... can't wait for his family to see them!

Tabi & Angie

Miss Elizabeth

Another BEAUTIFUL Senior Shoot!

Miss Elizabeth is the nicest girl you would ever want
to meet and so was her Mom!
She's one of 4 girls (sorry Dad!) and we hope to have an
opportunity to shoot them as well.... hey why not all together!
How cute would that be!
And with Mother's Day right around the corner!

Here's a little sneak peek from her session.... can't wait to see the rest!!!

Tabi & Angie

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


B-E-A-utiful Senior!

Cassie was soooo much fun to shoot! Not only because she's gorgeous, but because she has a personality to match. She took direction well, had awesome outfit changes and gave us the freedom to do whatever in her pics! That's every photographer's dream! Creative freedom will produce amazing pictures.... every time! (and it helps when the model is GORGEOUS!)

Her set isn't fully edited yet, but we couldn't wait to get a sneak peek of her online.


Tabi & Angie


Lots of LOVE!
This family... not only unique, but full of love.

Another client... who we not only know, but have had the pleasure of working with before. Brooke was a senior just a couple years ago and we got some AMAZING shots of her!

Toni is a single mom, but not your average single mom. The love she has for her kids and the strength she portrays just melts off the pictures.

Her boys.... let's just call them heartbreakers in training, were cooperative and had some "unique" poses of their own :)

Brooke and Pebbles are beautiful....inside and out.

This family... just amazing...


Tabi & Angie

Super Cuties

Kaylei & Dalton.... little super cuties!

Kaylei is Ashlyn's best friend in preschool.... basically inseparable!

Audrey, their mom, brought them down for Easter pictures and Angie shot the session, which was only appropriate since she knows them pretty well. Sometimes when you know the clients, it can go one of two ways. It can either work for you or against you. This time, it seemed to work in her favor! They have some super cute pictures and it looks like they had a blast. Little ones are so cute anyway.... it's hard to take a bad picture!

Their little personalities just take over the camera!!!


Tabi & Angie

Monday, April 6, 2009

Drew Elizabeth

Meet Drew Elizabeth!
She is the most adorable thing ever!
Pouty lips, a button nose, big beautiful eyes and the craziest
head of hair you have ever laid eyes on!

She's like a precious moments doll.... just a little darker, lol :)

Since Drew's mommy is one of my BFF's her pictures were done on location and we had a blast taking them! Not only was the quality time cherished, it was also more laid back than most newborn shoots.

Shooting on location, we can work more with the baby's schedule and everything she is comfortable with is right at her teeny tiny fingertips.

I just love this baby and can't wait to shoot her some more!
Since her Mommy and Granny are scrapbookers.... I'm sure this kid will never lack in photos!!!!


Tabi & Angie

Oh Snap.... Part 2

Here's Angie's sneak peek from the shoot....