Monday, August 31, 2009


Another cutie!
We have been photographing Lily since she was a newborn!
And even though they live in Virginia, we always squeeze them
in when they are in to see family.

We just love this family... and all of their dogs...
which weren't in the family pics this time surprisingly!

Miss Lily had a blast cracking up at her Daddy
and running from us or the camera so to speak!

Enjoy her sneak peek... she's just too cute to resist!

Tabi & Angie

Wyatt is getting SOOO Big!

Wyatt is the cutest, feistiest little red head you will ever meet!
Angie snapped a few of Wyatt... while he was cooperative :),
in his baseball outfit! Then she snapped a few in
his second outfit.

We just can't believe how big he is getting and how fast!
His red hair is soooo adorable!
Have you ever seen a cuter red head?!

Enjoy his sneak peek... and hopefully
we get some more shots of him before he turns 1
in October! Can you believe it?!? 1 already!

Tabi & Angie

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Growing Up

With Ashlyn turning 5 and going to kindergarten,
Natalie getting ready to turn 4 and going to preschool
and the boys almost 2...we are quickly finding out
how fast time really flies!

Angie painted tires in some really awesome colors and
we both took our girls pics with them.

We think both girls did an AWESOME job!
You know they are getting too big when they easily
cooperate for pics!

Trust me... there was a time when all Natalie did was SCREAM
when she saw a camera coming... so to actually get a decent pic,
let alone a whole set of cute pics... was unimaginable!

I am soooo proud of our girls and can't believe how old they
getting and looking! It seems like they were just born yesterday!

Enjoy their pics...
and if you want tire pics...
give us a call!!!

Tabi & Angie

Before and After

Austin is getting so big!
Angie took his pics at 3 months and 18 months on a baseball
field in Ravenswood and they are soooo cute!

He did such a good job too!
It's much easier to take pics of other kids,
but when it comes to your own... it's soooo
difficult! Not only to make yourself take them
but to not get aggravated with them!

Here's some shots of both sessions!
Look how big he is now!! I'm sooo sad!

Tabi & Angie

Laney Hope

Another newborn!
It's baby season around here!
There must be something in the water!!!

Laney Hope has the fullest head of hair
we have ever seen on a newborn!

Even if you have kids of your own... it's easy
to forget how small they are when they are born!

And if you can't tell from our other Newborn posts...
we LOVE baby feet! Nothing is cuter!

We wish Jason, Teresa and Big Sister Trista
all the best with their newest addition!

Tabi & Angie

Sleepy Hollow Sharks

Meet the Sleepy Hollow Sharks!
This swim team is packed with personality!

Shooting this sport is probably one of the
more difficult sports we've done.
The opportunity to get the shot is in a small window and
with crowds of people around the pool, getting
close enough is a real challenge!

We shot a meet and their individual/team photos.

This gave us an opportunity to make some really cool
sports collages for some of the team.

Tabi & Angie

AllStar Softball 2009

We loooooove sports!
Action shots are challenging to get and really
keep us on our toes the whole time!

Trying to get that perfect swing shot, that slide,
that curveball... so challenging and FUN!

If you have a sporting event you need action shots
from... give us a call! We love it!

Here's some shots from the '09 Ripley AllStars!
These teams did GREAT this year!

Tabi & Angie

Cheri's Trash the Dress Session

Cheri's back!
It's been just a little short of a year since her wedding,
but she's back for her Trash the Dress session!

Oh how we love TTD Sessions!
It's name is soooo much worse than it actually is!

We don't 'trash' your dress and it doesn't get ruined.
In fact... it doesn't get any dirtier than it got on your
actual wedding day!

It's just a silly name for coming back post-wedding
and getting some completely unique and beautiful
shots of you in your wedding gown!

Cheri did amazing and we think she looked even more beautiful
than we remembered her on her wedding day.

The whole session was completely relaxed and fun!
She was totally up for anything and that will get you
some AWESOME shots!

Enjoy her pics... they are GREAT!!

She was sooooo much fun!

Tabi & Angie

Emry Nicole

The wait is over for BJ & Nicci!
Their little girl is here!!!!

After 2 little boys... I'm sure the adjustment to a
little girl has been crazy!

Little Emry is the cutest baby girl... EVER!

She is going to be a future model for us!
She is simply ADORABLE!

We shot in their home for this newborn shoot, which
made it more comfortable for everyone! And we got
to capture some amazing pics in her beautiful nursery!

If you need a nursery decorator... Nicci is your girl!

Gage & Parker really love their new baby sister!
We can't wait to see if Emry becomes a girly-girl or a
tomboy with her brothers!!!

Congrats BJ & Nicci!

Tabi & Angie

Elswick Wedding

Lindsay is the nicest bride... EVER!
Trust us on that!

Her wedding was outside... our favorite!
Lindsay glowed the whole day and her pictures
completely capture how beautiful her the wedding was.

The new "Elswicks" are totally in love.
You could tell every aspect of their wedding had
been planned with great detail... from the outdoor site,
to the accents of red, to the horse and carriage.

Their personalities really shined in the
details of their wedding.

We wish them all the best...
we just love them!

Tabi & Angie