Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wild Night!

Jodi brought daughters and nephew down
to attempt a group photo of the 3 of them!
The oldest was 3 so we knew we were
going to have our hands full! But we had no
idea how tough it was going to be!!! :)

They were adorable in their Easter outfits,
but NO ONE wanted their pics taken!
With a lot of coaxing, bribing and tickling
we managed to get through the session!
They ended up with a lot more pics than
we expected and we are super pleased with
the results!! Shooting a little one is tough, but
shooting 3 little ones is even harder! But with
kids as cute as these, it makes it just a little easier!

We hope Jodi is happy with these! They turned
out much better than either of us expected! :)


How beautiful is this baby?!
But there's no denying where she
gets it! Her Mommmy, Stacy is gorgeous!
Little Miss Sadie did not want to
smile for us, but with some coaxing,
we got some super cute grins out of her.
Her set of pictures are just too cute!

Stacy... bring Sadie back soon!
She's too adorable not to be photographed!

Enjoy her sneak peek! CUTE!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Expecting Alex

So... continuing with Jennifer.
She was great to work with and
we loved taking her around town
finding some great places to
photograph her happy belly!

Here's a few more to love!
I hope she loves them...
because we DEFINITELY do!! :)

Another Crazy Saturday!

Not only are we super busy this weekend
with our 1st Annual Easter Shoot, but
Saturday we were swamped with regular
appointments as well! Saturday
was packed with little ones along with
a family session and a maternity session!

Our day started off with the Shocks. They
drove all the way from Calhoun County! They
haven't had a family pic taken since Natasha,
the youngest, was 6! It was definitely overdue!
They were so sweet! These pics should make Mom
super happy!

Shortly after the Shocks, our wild day of chasing
little ones began! But surprisingly, every
appointment did great! It was a far cry from our
crazy Friday full of little ones who didn't
want to smile, let alone be in the picture at all!

We ended our busy streak with Jennifer's maternity
session. She is such a beautiful pregnant woman!
We were so happy she let us take our outside
and with the fact that she let us have total
control of the session. She ended up with
some amazing happy belly shots, that I just may
end up blogging more about later!!!

Enjoy a sneak peek into our hectic day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Momma's Boys

Sierra FINALLY brought little Hayden
back for us to get some new shots of
her little guy. The problem was, Hayden
isn't a little guy anymore! He has gotten
sooooo big! And to top it off, Sierra
has a new edition to her family... Carter!
So not only has Hayden gotten bigger, but
he's become a BIG brother too!

We were so excited to see them again
and we hope she loves her pics!
Her boys are adorable!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Morris Family

Amanda brought her boys down on Sunday
to attempt to get some pictures! I think
she thought it was going to be difficult,
but they did great! Cooper had just woke up
from a nap, so he needed a little time
to adjust to us, but once he did, he was
fine! And Levi... he's just a ham!
For every smiling pic we got of him, we
got 3 or 4 silly ones!

They even managed to all squeeze in for
a few nice family shots! They were awesome!
We hope they love their pics and we
can't wait to see them again!!! :)


Beautiful baby girl!
We had so much fun trying to
get little Paityn to cooperate
in the many positions we put her
in! She is super tiny and has
gorgeous blue eyes! We just can't
get enough of her!

We appreciate how far her Mommy
had to drive, just to get her
pics taken by us! We're honored!

We hope Little Miss Paityn comes
back for many more photo shoots!
We love watching little ones grow!

A Crazy Saturday!!!

Last Saturday was swamped with appointments!
The day started off with little Khloie who is so sweet!
She just turned 1 and is the tiniest little thing!
She was a grinning maniac! We love her to death!
She's an awesome model! :)

Then we moved on to the Harrison Family who
have 2 adorable little boys! Hunter (the 2 year old)
even named our wooden horse for us! The horse's
official name is now Pete! So cute!

After the Harrisons, I shot over to Sara's baby
surprise baby shower! Her baby girl is almost here!
Can't wait to photograph her!

Then it was back to the studio for one more family!
This time... my cousin Chad, his wife Andrea, and their
cutie patootie, Addyson!
Addyson is full of grins and rolls! We just love her!

Enjoy a peek into our busy day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Gorgeous girl!
Haley was so easy to work with!
She's a total natural... she definitely
knew how to work the camera!

We loved learning about family and
about her special relationship with
her Grandpa! We like getting close
with our clients! It makes the shoots
so much more memorable!

Enjoy your sneak peek Haley!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Jillian FINALLY brought Nate over for some pics!
He was definitely due! He hasn't had any pics taken
since his newborn pics at the hospital!
Between having Lexi, snow and the distance
between us, there just hasn't been a chance!

Well today was the day and he did such a GREAT
job! Nate was so handsome and is such a happy
baby! It only took a few minutes to capture
all the pics I needed! Sooo proud of him!

Here's a little sneak peek!

Dance Fever

Fun Girls!!
Caroline and Lilly came down for a shoot
in their MANY dance outfits!
These girls are definitely into dance!
I don't think I have ever seen so many
costumes for one dance recital!

Caroline and Lilly are not only in dance,
but baton as well! These girls keep busy!

They did such a great job posing in their
outfits! Their little attitudes definitely
came through!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Isaiah is one handsome little boy!
His curly hair is to die for and he is just
a little ball of energy!

We loved chasing him around! And even
though he only sat still for about 2 seconds,
we managed to get some super cute shots
of him! We are so proud of him!

We think he's just a cutie patootie!
Watch out Em... you are going to have to
beat the girls off with a stick! He's adorable!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mills Wedding

Josh and Kelly are so nice and their wedding
was incredibly sweet. Besides being the nicest
couple you could ever meet, their family was
nice too! Their wedding day had a couple
ups and downs, but everyone handled it with grace!

Josh and Kelly were so much fun!
They were game for anything we wanted
to do! We even went outside during the
reception to snap some awesome shots!
They were great!!!

We hope the Mr. & Mrs. are enjoying being
newlyweds! We couldn't ask for better clients!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brandon & Justeen

Super Super Cute Couple!!!!
Angie whipped this engagement session out
in just a few minutes and she got some
amazing shots! It doesn't hurt when
the couple is super cute too!!!

We can't wait to take pictures of them
after their wedding! They are absolutely
adorable and we wish them all the best!

There couldn't be 2 nicer people out there!

A Valentine's Day Wedding!

Meet the new Mr. & Mrs. Clark!!!
Katie and Patrick made their wedding their
own by moving the date and rearranging
everything they thought they wanted to
everything they KNEW they wanted!!

Simple, Private, and sooo Beautiful!
Their day expressed exactly who they are
as a couple and it was completely romantic!

Katie was a stunning bride and Patrick
was the happiest groom we have ever met
in our lives! Their love just radiates
between them and we couldn't be happier
for them! Congrats guys for making your
wedding day.... YOURS!!! :)