Friday, June 26, 2009

Nathaniel Sean Bright

Isn't he adorable!!??
Jillian had her beautiful baby boy on June 22nd
after a long haul. This boy did NOT want to come out!
I've been there... I felt her pain! :(

But a little before 7:30 pm, baby Nate FINALLY made
his debute via c-section.

8lb 7oz of pure cuteness!
The 2.5 hour drive was so worth it! Not only
did I get to see my BFF, I got to hold her new bundle of
joy. Not to mention take his first photos!

I can't wait to get back to Lewisburg to shoot him some more.
He is just gorgeous!

Congratulations Jillian & Michael on your new addition!
You are going to make awesome parents!

Enjoy Baby Nate's sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

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