Thursday, August 27, 2009

Growing Up

With Ashlyn turning 5 and going to kindergarten,
Natalie getting ready to turn 4 and going to preschool
and the boys almost 2...we are quickly finding out
how fast time really flies!

Angie painted tires in some really awesome colors and
we both took our girls pics with them.

We think both girls did an AWESOME job!
You know they are getting too big when they easily
cooperate for pics!

Trust me... there was a time when all Natalie did was SCREAM
when she saw a camera coming... so to actually get a decent pic,
let alone a whole set of cute pics... was unimaginable!

I am soooo proud of our girls and can't believe how old they
getting and looking! It seems like they were just born yesterday!

Enjoy their pics...
and if you want tire pics...
give us a call!!!

Tabi & Angie

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