Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easton's -Best Big Brother EVER!

Wow! Pregnancies really do go by faster the
more babies you have! So fast that it's almost
time for Sara's newest addition to make her
adorable debut! And can you believe Sara is
31 weeks pregnant in these pics and STILL in
her REGULAR jeans! Oh the envy!!! LOL

Easton is going to be the best big brother!
Having your babies close together does have
it's advantages! Your little ones end up being
so close! On the other hand they do tend to
fight... A LOT! LOL JD and Sara are definitely
going to have their hands full with 2 little
ones and JD had better start socking
his gun cabinet! If his little girl is half
as pretty as her Momma... he's going to
have major boy trouble!!!

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