Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Minute Seniors

For some reason, the majority of our Seniors
this year, swarmed in at the last second!
We were overwhelmed with sessions
in the weeks leading up to graduation!!!
Our Seniors come from everywhere!!
From the local Ripley & Ravenswood kids to
Parkerburg South and Warren to Southern
Racine and Calhoun! We love them all!! :)

Amanda is gorgeous and has no idea!!!
She was super shy to begin with, but
as the session moved along, really came out
of her shell! Congrats Amanda!!!

We love Kyle... and his Mom!
MaryAnn rocks! Kyle was super sweet
and was definitely doing this for his
Momma...but what good boy wouldn't?!
An awesome kid and a great baseball player!
Kyle is bound for great things!!

Kevin is our daredevil senior and
a huge liability!! We couldn't imagine being
his Mom... just kidding!! He rocked!
He climbed up into the rafters on the
bridge and wanted his pictures taken there!
Can you say... dangerous!!

Paul is a riot!! He is a joy to
be around and was so much fun to shoot!
His pictures put a smile on our
face every time we see them! He's
destined for good things... heck maybe
he'll even win a soap box derby one day! ;) lol

Lexy... the busiest Senior in
the ENTIRE world! This girl's schedule
is so packed, we don't know where
she has any time to sleep, let alone
get her senior pics taken! You name a
sport, this girl can play it and most
likely... way better than you! She's
AMAZING and we love her to death! We can't
wait till she has some free time to finish up
her session!!!

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