Monday, April 6, 2009

Drew Elizabeth

Meet Drew Elizabeth!
She is the most adorable thing ever!
Pouty lips, a button nose, big beautiful eyes and the craziest
head of hair you have ever laid eyes on!

She's like a precious moments doll.... just a little darker, lol :)

Since Drew's mommy is one of my BFF's her pictures were done on location and we had a blast taking them! Not only was the quality time cherished, it was also more laid back than most newborn shoots.

Shooting on location, we can work more with the baby's schedule and everything she is comfortable with is right at her teeny tiny fingertips.

I just love this baby and can't wait to shoot her some more!
Since her Mommy and Granny are scrapbookers.... I'm sure this kid will never lack in photos!!!!


Tabi & Angie

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