Monday, April 20, 2009


Cutie Jenifer!

Angie shot this gorgeous senior and got some cute cute cute shots of her!
I'm so jealous! :)

We shot her BFF Cassie just a few weeks ago... or to you bloggers.... a couple blogs down, lol. I'm sure Cassie is a tough one to edit... there looks like there are sooo many good ones!

During her shoot... some local boys even whistled at her!
Don't really know how Mom felt about that... but I'm sure
Jenifer appreciated the flattery!

Oh and lastly... I hear her mom was one heck of a reflector holder!
What would we do without great moms who
know how to angle that reflector just right?! :)

Enjoy Jenifer's sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

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