Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alfred Wedding

Kristen and Matt are a BEAUTIFUL couple
and they have the coolest story ever!
They lived beside each other practically
their whole lives and never dated until
after high school! Now look at them...

They had a gorgeous wedding and Kristen
was a GORGEOUS bride. She was completely
organized (the way we like it lol) and she
was totally at ease the whole day.
If she was nervous, she definitely wasn't
going to show it!

The guys were so much fun! They were
easy going and full of fun ideas for
their group shots. I can't believe how
many pics we got from this wedding. There
were almost 500 edited pics! They have so
many pics to choose from!

I can't wait to see which ones they choose!
But here are some of my favs!
Enjoy their sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie