Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Davis Wedding

I didn't have the privilege of shooting this wedding,
so Angie grabbed our photog friend Allie and dragged her
along! She was such a big help! Her pics really complimented
the style we strive for!

The bride and groom are the nicest people ever! They are
so appreciative of everything and they really had a good time
throughout the entire wedding!

A huge storm was on its way prior to the wedding, but it gave Angie
and Allie the coolest shot with a RAINBOW!!!

Even though this organized teacher had everything planned to a T,
the rain got in the way! Angie said it rained harder than she had ever
seen just 5 minutes before the wedding!
But the bride and groom just went with the flow!
They were soooo easy going!

The ring bearer was such a ham. He acted like he didn't
want his pictures taken... but as you can tell... he
definitely didn't mind at all!

Since the bride and groom saw each other before they had a ton of
photos together and their transition from wedding to reception
went soooo smooth! The guests weren't kept waiting and the stress
level was nonexistent!

We wish these newlyweds all the best! They were GREAT!

Enjoy their sneak peek!

Tabi & Angie

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