Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6 years...3 kids later

These are the last set of maternity pics
I will ever have to be in!
Praise the Lord, lol! Don't get me wrong
I am soooo thankful for my babies, but pregnancy
is hard work... and being a Mom is even harder!

Now with little Lexi almost here, it's a complete
reality shock! I am going to have 3 babies 4 & under!

The chaos is never going to end! LOL
Don't assume photographers have the best of both
worlds... taking pics and having pics of your own
kids is such a feat! Not only is it hard... it's
exhausting! These pics took less than an hour, but
let me tell you... they were hard to get! LOL

With a prayer and a lot of editing we got them done!
I highly doubt I will ever have a decent pic of my
family... so I am grateful for anything I can get!

**Thanks to Angie for taking them, lol
Not that my kids listen to her anymore than they do me.**

Enjoy a preview of some of my favs!

Tabi & Angie

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