Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kayla & Drew

Another engagement session!
Love must be in the air!
Kayla and Drew are another one of our 2010
summer weddings and we are super excited for them!

Kayla was a helper in Natalie's preschool last
year and we just love her to death! And another
connection with them is that Drew and Katie
(the cutie in the last engagement session we posted)
are brother and sister!

The picture of Kayla & Drew jumping was the
highlight of the session! Drew kept laughing and saying he
wasn't flexible enough to do that! But he'll be thankful
he attempted it when we recreate that shot at their wedding
and make a cool collage for them!

Angie told Drew she wasn't flexible either, but expected
everyone else to be, lol! I think the pic turned out super cute!
Thanks for being a team player Drew! LOL

Congrats Kayla and Drew!
We can't wait till your wedding!

Tabi & Angie

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