Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome Lexi!

On November 9th, 2009 at 6:41 pm,
Dustin and I welcomed our newest
addition, Lexi Leigh-Ann.
She was 7lbs 11oz, 19inches
and 4 weeks early!

She was an easy C-Section, but our problem baby!
Shortly after her arrival, she began
having difficulty breathing and was shipped
from Camden Clark to Women's
and Children's in Charleston. She spent 10 days
learning how to breathe!

Now that she's home, our family is complete!
She fits right in and is the best baby!

Having a NICU baby is very difficult. Not
only for the Moms, but for the Dads, Siblings
and extended family members. Every one
is affected in some way or another.

Although we were lucky to have a complication
that would resolve itself on its own, not all
families are quite so lucky. Our 10 day stay is short
compared to many of the babies that end up in the
NICU! We are fortunate to end up
with a happy healthy baby!

We have become big supporters of the March of Dimes program
as well as being involved with the NICU at W&C.

Check out your local chapter and help if you can! :)
www.marchofdimes.org and click on WV

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  1. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! :) What an angelic little face.