Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wild Night!

Jodi brought daughters and nephew down
to attempt a group photo of the 3 of them!
The oldest was 3 so we knew we were
going to have our hands full! But we had no
idea how tough it was going to be!!! :)

They were adorable in their Easter outfits,
but NO ONE wanted their pics taken!
With a lot of coaxing, bribing and tickling
we managed to get through the session!
They ended up with a lot more pics than
we expected and we are super pleased with
the results!! Shooting a little one is tough, but
shooting 3 little ones is even harder! But with
kids as cute as these, it makes it just a little easier!

We hope Jodi is happy with these! They turned
out much better than either of us expected! :)

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