Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Crazy Saturday!!!

Last Saturday was swamped with appointments!
The day started off with little Khloie who is so sweet!
She just turned 1 and is the tiniest little thing!
She was a grinning maniac! We love her to death!
She's an awesome model! :)

Then we moved on to the Harrison Family who
have 2 adorable little boys! Hunter (the 2 year old)
even named our wooden horse for us! The horse's
official name is now Pete! So cute!

After the Harrisons, I shot over to Sara's baby
surprise baby shower! Her baby girl is almost here!
Can't wait to photograph her!

Then it was back to the studio for one more family!
This time... my cousin Chad, his wife Andrea, and their
cutie patootie, Addyson!
Addyson is full of grins and rolls! We just love her!

Enjoy a peek into our busy day!

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